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New Testament: New Testimony to the Skills of the Writers and First Readers (Fifth – Illustrated Exhibition - Edition)

David G. Palmer
ISBN 978-0-9513661-9-6
Published: April 2016
A4 Softback Book (245pp) with CD-ROM (1500pp+)

This Edition is aimed at a wider readership than just scholars. It includes illustrations and charts which Dr Palmer created for his two-year (2015-2017) Exhibition Tour of Great Britain, An Exhibition in Art: ‘Seeing the New Testament for what it is’. It also includes: Dr Palmer’s latest revisions to his ‘parsing’ and rhetorical analysis of all twenty-seven New Testament Greek texts; more literal-English translations and samples of translation; and plenty of discussion starters.

The Markan Matrix: A Literary-Structural Analysis of the Gospel of Mark

David G. Palmer
ISBN 0-9513661-2-2
Published: August 1999
Book: paperback, A5, 374pp.

This book challenges nearly all that we have ever been told about Mark’s Gospel: the length and character of the Prologue, the structure of the book, its leading idea, the ending of the book, and so much more besides.

Sliced Bread: The Four Gospels, Acts and Revelation: Their Literary Structures

David G. Palmer
ISBN 0-9513661-0-6
Published: October 1988
Book: paperback, A5, 160pp.

A pioneering literary study of the six ‘books’ of the New Testament. It is the author’s first publication, now much superseded by the Markan Matrix and New Testament: New Testimony, but still worth reading all the same as an introduction to a developing subject field..

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